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canandaigua, new york


FFTH Rehabilitation Clinic Relocation to 699 S Main St Canandaigua.

The new location provides an open layout for treatment zones with additional private space for the staff. The clinic will continue to provide Treatment, Therapy, Agility, and include a therapy Pool for patients of all ages. We worked cross-functionally with the rehabilitation team and our consultants on a design layout that incorporated state-of-the-art equipment to maximize treatment procedures for the patient’s benefit and ease for the therapists all while working around design challenges such as the SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer®. This equipment is a ceiling-mounted device with a monorail-like track that promotes a safe and efficient therapy session for individuals with a variety of impairments. Patients are able to practice daily activities with their therapist one-on-one, while feeling supported and build up their confidence with the system. The device drove design decisions including a large walking track in a designated area, providing open clearance within the therapy room for visual surveillance and more surface area for additional training equipment.

Expected Completion Date: Summer/Fall 2022

Square Footage: 14,500 SQ. FT.

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